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12 - 19.5.2007
A golden medal for the red wine LEVIN 2003 at the 74. International Fair in Novi Sad, Serbia
11. 1. 2007
Wine tasting of Kunej Wines in the Wine Club Braintree, England
In the beginning of January 07 there was a wine tasting of Kunej Wines in the Wine Club Braintree which was organized by Nobel Wines. The wines were presented by Tanja Kunej and were very well accepted.
21. 10. 2006
Kunej Wines entered the British Market

Our English wine distributers opened the Wine Shop - NOBEL WINES in Blake End, Essex which is the first shop selling Slovenian wines and other products with their origin from Slovenia.

11. 6. 2006
Kunej Wines in Brussel

On 11 July 2006 the Council of EU adopted a decision alowing Slovenia to join the euro area as from 1 January 2007. At this great event The House of Wines was participating with their wines in Brussel and received Diploma of Excellence.

16. in 17. 6. 2006
Wine Festival of Wine region
At the wine review Wine Festival of Wine region Posavje Levin 2003 won the highest ranked among red wine blends.
At the wine competition Gast Split
At the wine competition Gast Split in March 2006, a golden medal was awarded to Kunej's Sauvignon, berry selection 2003, and a silver medal was awarded to Trinity 2004.
Album Sremič 1918
Album Sremič truly shows the heritage of winemaking of the Kunej family. It records the moments of pleasant times, adventures, work activities, happy and less happy events of the family, friends and all the visitors of the wine cellar and vineyard in Sremič. Today we still like to read it and to proudly remember our ancestors ...
Kunej wines at Wine Show London
At the end of October 2005 Kunej wines were for the first time represented at Wine Show London, where British wine connoisseurs found them very interesting. Laški rizling 2003 was especially pointed out to the visitors of the fair by a renowned wine connoisseur. Today, Kunej wines are also available in Great Britain.
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