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House of Wine

Our family has been involved in viticulture and wine making for five generations since the end of 19th century when a vineyard cottage in Sremič became the property of the Kunej family. We are currently cultivating 5 hectares of vineyards, with renovations under way on additional 3 hectares.

Our vineyards are located in the wine-growing area of Sremič, Armeško and Veliki kamen. A section of the Sremič vineyards is located in the same wine-growing area where the Trappist monks once had their vineyard..


House of Vines

In addition to wine, our house has more than a 30 year tradition of producing vine grafts. This activity began in 1978, when we grafted approximately 10 000 grape vines as an experiment. For orders or information on vines call 00386 (0)41 435 442.

The first results were very encouraging. During the years we managed to procure modern production equipment with state-of-the-art production line, greenhouse with atmosphere control and modern cooling and storage facilities.


House of Chocolate

In 2013, the production of vines and wine was joined with the production of chocolate. We partnered with the City museum of Krško and Rajhenburg Castle for the project "Influence of Trappist order on the Posavje region, acronym Trapistin" and began producing chocolate products inspired by the Trappist heritage.

The Harmonije Posavja candies were created in the new chocolate factory in the renovated Rajhenburg Castle in the town of Brestanica, where the Trappist monks once produced the first chocolate in this part of Europe.


Chocolat Impérial

Chocolat Impérial is a new beverage based on dark red wine from unique grape variety selection, which can be combined with its gentle tannin with dark chocolate. This is a harmonious fusion, which takes us into the world of sensual pleasure and comfort.


Business presents

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