Kunej family - About us

The House of Vines, Wine and Chocolate originates in the family tradition of wine making and wine growing dating back to the end of the 19th century. The foundation of the current home were constructed by Anton Kunej, who also managed to seed the respect and love for wine growing and farm work into the younger generations and set an example as a good master.

Anton's son Lojze studied the vine as a plant more closely. He also focused on the vine nursery in addition to wine growing as a constant on the farm. As a farming engineer, he became established the vine nursery at the end of 1970s and this continues even today. During this time, he gained a lot of experience and got to know different varieties of vines in great detail. As a pioneer, he introduced a lot of new grape varieties to the Bizeljsko-Sremič area and he managed to enrich the vine selection. The vine nursery helped him build a completely new wine cellar at the turn of the century, with the production capacity of 100 000 liters. His wife Danica stood by his side during different projects, which he successfully carried out during his career.

A representative of the third generation, son Aleš, food engineer, took over the farm when he returned from his studies on wine making in France. He is taking on new challenges together with his wife Emanuela, a Portuguese food engineer. The first challenge is the wine production and chocolate is the second. Both traditions are part of the Trappist order heritage, which left a significant mark on the town of Brestanica, formerly known as Rajhenburg. Aleš wishes to restore this part of the Trappist know-how with the help of his family. That is why the Kunej family party restored the once premium quality Trappist geographical position in the Sremič wine-growing area in 2012. In 2013, they opened a chocolaterie in the Rajhenburg Castle, which offers authentic chocolate products inspired by the Trappist monks.

The Sunny Lion, the emblem of the Kunej family personifies the pride and tradition of valuable experience in producing vines and wine. It conceals everything the KUNEJ House of Vines, Wine and Chocolate represents. It includes vines, tendrils, grapes, vine roots, vine leaf, chalice and a glorious lion in the middle, inspired by the Trappist order from Rajhenburg. A century ago, they were the motor that pushed the development in Brestanica, but mostly they were master chocolatiers, as well as master makers of wine and liquors. The quality of the Trappist products even reached the emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Franz Joseph of Austria, who awarded the IMPERIAL title to the Trappist chocolate. That is when the famous chocolate brand was born - Chocolat Impérial.