In addition to wine, our house has more than a 30 year tradition of producing vine grafts. This activity began in 1978, when we grafted approximately 10 000 grape vines as an experiment. For orders or information on vines call 00386 (0)31 337 526.

The first results were very encouraging. During the years we managed to procure modern production equipment with state-of-the-art production line, greenhouse with atmosphere control and modern cooling and storage facilities for storing initialled grafted vines in the cool storage. Similarly as with the production technology we monitor the genetic and health status of the material we cultivate. In cooperation with the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia we have a selection of parent vines of different cultivators of clone origin. We cultivate only those that were tested. Besides the health status and growth we also monitor the quality of wine. The wine from the original vineyard of Modra frankinja from Pišece is, for example, extremely rich in phenols - the antioxidants in wine that are a source of good health.