Our family has been involved in viticulture and wine making for five generations since the end of 19th century when a vineyard cottage in Sremič became the property of the Kunej family. We are currently cultivating 5 hectares of vineyards, with renovations under way on additional 3 hectares. Our vineyards are located in the wine-growing area of Sremič, Armeško and Veliki kamen. A section of the Sremič vineyards is located in the same wine-growing area where the Trappist monks once had their vineyard.

Grapes from these three locations are turned into wine in a modern wine cellar in Brestanica. Our grape variety selection is very diverse. The white grape varieties include Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Welschriesling, Yellow Muscat, while the red grape varieties include Blaufränkish, Pinot Noir, Zweigelt and Bleu de Cologne. We produce different varietal wines as well as blends of quality and premium quality wines. In addition to still wines, we also produce sparkling wines according to the classical method and also late harvest sweet wines. In 2013, we produced a special beverage, namely red wine refined with dark chocolate Chocolat Imperial.

Red wine with dark chocolate - Chocolat Impérial

During the period of reviving the Trappist chocolate IMPERIAL we created a completely new product. The idea was to combine wine with chocolate. Quality red wine from a unique grape variety selection and refined dark chocolate in well thought out proportions served as the foundation. After lengthy experimental combinations of both ingredients we managed to achieve a harmonious combination. This was a quite challenging process of combining two seemingly incompatible ingredients. Wine gives us a bit of acidity, while dark chocolate contains bitterness, sugar and thousands of other substances, which naturally occur in both products. If all these flavors are mixed together in correct proportions, the final flavor is right and full, with each individual component contributing to the whole.

Chocolat Impérial is not just a marriage of wine and chocolate, which is a mixture of two different professions, wine making and chocolate making; it is two different sets of knowledge. This is a combination of Trappist heritage and new modern winemaking skills. In the Kunej House of Vines, Wines and Chocolate we believe that this special beverage will bring together people in warm and relaxed atmosphere.