Red Bizeljcan PTP

Wine description

Rdeči Bizeljčan PTP (Priznano Tradicionalno Poimenovanje or Acknowledged Traditional Name) is a product of years of research conducted at the Agricultural Institute and domestic wine makers. This is the basic variety for Bleu de Cologne, Blaufränkish, Pinot Noir. This is a ruby red wine with shades of violet, which is very drinkable, with a fruity aroma and fresh flavor. It is ideal with traditional Slovenian food. The Rdeči Bizeljčan PTP wine is served at 12 to 14 ºC .


Brand: red bizeljčan PTP
Origin: kakovostno vino ZGP, Bizeljsko-Sremič
Variety selection: žametna črnina, modra frankinja, laški rizling
Content: 1 l
Year: 2012
Sugar residue: 1,3 g/l (dry)
Alcohol: 11,0 %vol