Wine description

Sauvignon is regarded as one of the most important varieties from the house of Kunej. The Kunej Sauvignon comes from the excellent positions in the Sremič wine-growing area. In 2012, it ripened on the vines itself and achieved high sugar levels. That is why we did not want it to ferment completely and it remained semi-dry. The remaining sugar, the high extract and pleasant acid make it harmonious and elegant. The scent is gently reminiscent of elder.

It can be enjoyed by itself as an aperitif or accompanied by different light food, such as white meat, fish, sea food, pasta, Oriental or Asian food, dry fruits…

Wine is served chilled at 10 - 12 °C.


Brand: sauvignon
Origin: vrhunsko vino ZGP, Bizeljsko-Sremič
Variety selection: 100% sauvignon
Content: 0,75 l
Year: 2012
Sugar residue: 15,0 g/l (semi dry)
Alcohol: 13,0 %vol