The Trapistin Project

The Trappist order contributed significantly to the development of the region in the past with new knowledge and skills in different economic fields. The traces of the Rajhenburg Trappist order are still prominent in the Posavje countryside. The "The influence of the Trappist order on the Posavje countryside, acronym Trapistin" project joined together the KUNEJ House of Vines, Wines and Chocolate, the House of Culture Krško, the City museum of Krško and the Rajhenburg Castle with the desire to reconstruct the Trappist heritage in order to use it in practice for the development of new products, such as chocolate. The project is co-financed by the LAS Posavje with the funds from the European Agricultural Foundation for the development of the countryside, 4th axis of the rural development plan of RS for the 2007 to 2013 period. It was selected on the 4th public call by the LAS Posavje and is therefore entitled to co-financing from the Leader EU funds.

Project "Na deželi", documentary series, 7/8 broadcast on RTV Slovenija. From the 20 minute mark onwards.